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Team of Experts

Logotipo del Caminito del Rey y su entorno - Candidatura a Patrimonio de la UNESCO

Team of Experts

The Nomination of El Caminito del Rey Path (The King´s Little Pathway) could not be possible without a team experts for each of the 3 monuments that make up the project and the 4 exceptional elements of the surroundings. These experts will be in charge of creating a management and communication plan for turning the path into one of the sites on the UNESCO´s World Heritage list.

These monuments and the elements of the surroundings, which are gathered in two large groups, are no doubt of exceptional value. The following is the list of them:

First group: Caminito del Rey World Heritage List as Hydroelectric Industrial Heritage:

1. El Chorro or the Count of Guadalhorce's Reservoir and Gaitanejo Dam
2. The walkways over the waterfall in the hydroelectric power complex El Chorro
3. El Chorro Train Station and the bridges over the Gaitanes Gorge.

Second group: Surroundings (Natural Beauty Spot and Archaeological Heritage):

4. Natural Beauty Spot Desfiladero de los Gaitanes
5. The Palaeolithic Cave in Ardales
6. Las Aguilillas Necropolis
7. The Bobastro Mozarabic Cave Country Chapel.

Central Idea of the Project

Regarding the both groups, the building was planned and developed starting from the two central ideas:
• The knowledge based on sustainable development
• The idea that research is part of cultural evolvement..

Team of Experts

The proposal for this nomination implies continuous work of people specialized in each of the seven monuments.
The team consists of the following members who are specialized in different fields:

• Pedro Cantalejo Duarte. Prehistory/The Palaeolithic Cave in Ardales.
• María del Mar Espejo Herrerías. Prehistory/Las Aguilillas Necropolis.
• Virgilio Martínez Enamorado. The Middle Ages/Bobastro Mozarabic cave country chapel.
• Isabel Bestué Cardiel. Arquitecture and Engineering Heritage/El Chorro Train Station and El Caminito del Rey Path.
• Jenny Crisal Pérez Marrero. Engineering/Hydro Power and El Chorro and Gaitanejo Dams.
• Rafael Angel Haro Ramos. Natural Beauty Spot Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Natural Beauty Spot.
• Carlos Vasserot Antón. Coordination and planning. Málaga County Council.
• Mariló Recio Perles. Resource management. Málaga County Council.
• Antonio Cuñado Bernal. Territory Promotion. Málaga County Council.

Shared Presidency: Pedro Cantalejo and Carlos Vasserot.
Secretary: Mariló Recio.
Culture Manager. Icomos Advisor. David Barrera Linares.