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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Policy

The web page that belongs to the County Council of Málaga pretends to make its web content fully accessible for people with disabilities or people who are elderly according to the Law on Electronic Information and Commerce Social Services regarding public administrations' web pages.


Our websites have been designed and controlled according to the requirements of the Real Decreto 1112/2018, a decree dated 7th September , which passed the regulations about the basic conditions of the access for disabled people to technology, and services and products related to the information and social media.

This website, in particular, has an AA level of accessibility according to the regulations of the Spanish Organization for Standardization UNE-EN 301 549:2019, which has been checked during a manual analysis of the access to it with varied semi-automatic tools.

Last test was performed on 5th November on 2018.

The Treasury Report on the Accessibility of the website according to the regulations UNE-EN 301 549:2019 

The aim was to achieve a kind of consistent browsing throughout the web page by following the same patterns at all our websites. Moreover, direct links have been included to access the website's content and the use of JavaScript was avoided.

The data was separated from its graphic presentation so that the users can surf the page faster, denying the download of style sheets on its browser,

Furthermore, the responsive technology for the best possible image on mobile phones and tablets has been developed.

Naturally, we are aware that the accessibility to this website can be improved and we are working on it. We invite you to help us with your comments or suggestions, and write to us as soon as possible to the email at the bottom of this page if you spot a problem while accessing the content or see that there is a WAI guideline which has not been fulfilled.

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Most of browsers give an easy and fast access to sites through the keyboard short cuts. These are some of them:

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How to make these keyboard short cuts work depends on the browser.

The most frequent ones are the following:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows): ALT + Keyboard Short Cut + ENTER
  • Internet Explorer (Macintosh): Control + Keyboard Short Cut + ENTER
  • Mozilla (Windows): ALT + Mayúsculas + Keyboard Short Cut
  • Mozilla (Macintosh): Control + Keyboard Short Cut
  • Mozilla (Linux): ALT + Keyboard Short Cut
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows): ALT + Mayúsculas + Keyboard Short Cut
  • Mozilla Firefox(Macintosh): Control + Keyboard Short Cut
  • Netscape (Windows): ALT + Keyboard Short Cut
  • Netscape (Macintosh): Control + Keyboard Short Cut


You can send us your suggestions related to the access to this website through the following link:  contact form.