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Legal notice and Privacy Policy

Copyright and Exemption of Responsibility Clause

Please read the information about the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website.

The aim of this website is to offer all kinds of services and information about the County Council of Málaga free to all users.

These Terms and Conditions of Use apply when you use any of these pages. This means that users accept them all together by using the site. The Terms and Conditions of Use will be in force indefinitely, and can be changed by the County Council.

If you want to learn more about the above content or the terms are not clear to you, please contact us through the email at the bottom of this page.


The County Council of Málaga is the holder of the intellectual property rights of the accessible web content. All the content and copyright related to this site is protected by the intellectual property law. All rights are reserved and the County Council is the only holder of this site's copyright. The access to the content does not mean one is allowed to reproduce or disseminate it, which is forbidden by all means, except when the County Council of Málaga presents its written consent. This site is for personal use only.

Terms and Conditions of Use

You can use the content according to the current law, good use and customs, and ethics. The user must not use the website with illegal purposes or those which are forbidden by this site's Terms and Conditions of Use. It is forbidden to act in any way which can affect the County Council of Málaga or any third party.

The user must not access this website with the intention of harming, damaging, misusing or overloading the services or the provided information, and shall not interfere in the use of the services or information by any third party. It is forbidden to access sites, services, systems or networks without permission by hacking them, but neither if their access is free or in any other unauthorized way.

The County Council of Málaga has the right to stop the access to the site without previous notice freely and temporary.

Terms of use

The services and the information provided by this site are free of charge.

The County Council reserves the right to modify the conditions or terms of use of the website without previous notice.

The use of this site follows Spanish laws and regulations and these general conditions. Any controversial interpretation, execution or use of this site will be taken to court in Málaga.

It is forbidden to use this website for any illegal action and especially those on the following uncompleted list:

  •  Unwanted mass mailing or spamming
  • Any kind of infringement of someone's rights
  •  Any kind of action that can be defined as pornographic, obscene, defamatory or illegal.
  • Infecting the system with computer virus, damaged files or programmes that can cause damage or problems at the site, to the County Council of Málaga or to any third party.
  • Using this website for commercial purposes or with any other personal inappropriate aim.


Any link to the website has to be allowed by the County Council of Málaga and with an easy identifying source. The use of this information at other websites needs to be previously permitted.

The County Council of Málaga accepts no responsibility for the damage caused to a third party by the user's illegal or irregular use of the website, nor for the consequences of the content and information that can be accessed through it or the sites linked to it. The responsibility will fully be of the users who caused the damage.

Any reference to a product, service, process, link, hypertext, or any other information provided by users and related to makes, brands, or suppliers owned by a third party, does not mean these are promoted or supported by the County Council of Málaga.

The County Council does not guarantee availability or continuous running of the website and its services, so it will not be responsible for any damage caused when the website stops running or it is not available.

The County Council of Málaga cannot guarantee there is no virus in the services and the content offered by the site, whether they are provided directly on the site or by a third party, including the content accessed through links. Therefore it will not be responsible for damages caused by the virus.

The County Council does not guarantee lawful, reliable, useful, truthful, accurate, exhaustive and updated contents and services provided directly on the website or by a third party, including the content accessed through links. Therefore it will not be responsible for damages caused to the users who accessed forbidden, useless, inaccurate, untruthful content or service, as well as the one which is not exhaustive or updated.

Exemption of Responsibility Regarding Legal Notice

Legal notice and norms published on this website are of merely informative nature. The County Council is not responsible for a possible error or omission on these web pages, as only printed publish editions of regulations and official Spanish gazette are to be considered officially valid.

Data Protection Policy

In general, the County Council's website makes no use of cookies, Java or JavaScript when it gathers personal information that belongs to the website users. Personal information is obtained through email links or forms, which is of one's own free will.

Users' personal data is gathered in order to improve service supply and will be performed after the users have been informed about it and asked to introduce their data. Data is processed according to the current law and included in the file which has been correctly registered at the Data Protection Agency. However, in certain cases which are properly justified, users will be asked to introduce their personal data in order to access the site.

The County Council of Málaga commits to fulfilling its obligation to keep secret the information provided by those users who accept introducing their data according to the the existing legislation. The Town Council will also take measures to avoid any modification, loss, processing or non-authorized access to the above data.

Moreover, the user has the right to access, cancel, change, deny and receive information before the data transfer.
This information will never be sold or given to a third party.

Those websites that are meant to provide services to minors, will not use personal data without previous approval of their parents or guardians. In order to make sure that Spanish and international laws and regulations regarding the protection of minors are fulfilled (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act C.O.P.P.A.), the communication with minors under 14 will not be established without their parents or guardians' approval.

If you want to learn more about the above issues or ask questions about it, check our cookies policy or get in touch with us.

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